25kWp Off Grid

25kWp Off Grid

Aztec Solar Energy received a request from our partner GAPL to design and install a 25kWp off grid system.  The reason for this being that the network operator in this location would not allow grid connected invertors to be installed. 

The system comprises of 200 250W panels connected to independent MPP solar chargers which are in turn connected to 12 no. 1000Ah traction batteries.

From the picture you can see the 3 no. Outback off grid invertors which provide 100% green energy to the heating and ventilation system of the new building.

Off grid photovoltaic systems are also elligable under the Feed in Tariff scheme therefore the client is enjoying a generous return on their investment.

Estimated Annual Generation: 23,250kWh annually kW/h per year

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Microgeneration Certification Scheme