Case study

Barford Saint Peter's Church of England Primary School

Barford Saint Peter’s is a primary school just outside Warwick. The school has around 150-175 pupils plus staff. The school approached Aztec Solar to assist with the solar PV installation as part of their ongoing sustainability and utility cost control measures. The installation was also supported by a local authority grant and funding from the diocese.

Project Overview

Barford School has always had a keen interest in making the school more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint. Like many businesses, the most cost-effective way to do this is through a solar PV system. For health and safety purposes, the system had to be installed within the Easter half term. This included the assembly of all access, delivery of materials, installation, commissioning and clearing of site.

System Details

The school were looking to maximise their return of investment and install the most suitable system considering the DNO and funding restraints. We installed a 20kW Solis 3phase inverter with 43 Longi HI-MO6 all black panels. The Longi panels offer over 22% efficiency in addition to a 25 year product and output warranty.


The system is expected to save 8,270kg of carbon per annum which equates to around 50 full grown mature trees.


The system is expected to generate savings of £4,400 per annum with a payback period of under 5 years.

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