Battery Storage

Create greater control and freedom for your business through combining battery storage with your solar PV system.

This approach will ensure you get the most out of your solar power installation. You’ll be able to run your business on cheaper rate electricity and use your battery when its more costly to use the grid. Large scale systems in particular present many options to monetise your battery – putting you back in control.

Affordable Storage

Battery sizes and costs have decreased so are an integral part of PV installations of the future.

Financial Incentives

There are opportunities to sell excess energy back to the grid.

Optimal Energy Costs

Harvest it, store it and use it on demand. Force charge your battery when rates are lowest.

Energy storage – something all businesses should consider

Battery options have increased to provide more affordable storage and their costs have come down which means there is a solution to cater for all business types and sizes.

Rather than return energy harvested to the grid – which isn’t always the best price – batteries allow energy to be stored, so you can draw on this energy as needed and cater for peaks in demand.

Batteries can also be force charged overnight at lower rates and the energy used in the day when rates are higher.

Even if you have PV panels, battery storage can be added retrospectively with battery size and storage matched to your usage and PV system. Coupled with an operations and maintenance plan you’ll then ensure you’re getting the most from your solar and battery install.

How much does a battery storage system cost?

Three main factors affect the price – battery housing, inverter size and storage. The inverter size dictates how much energy can be pushed or pulled from the battery at any one time, while the battery size dictates the amount of energy that can be stored.

With all solutions multi units can be supplied to achieve your desired storage.

This table should be purely a guide. Contact us for more accurate or bespoke solutions.


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