Commercial solar energy solutions for every business

Rising energy costs affect organisations in every field. Our experts are here to bring you the benefits of over 30 years energy services sector experience.

Trust our experts to cut the cost of your commercial energy

From premises and schools, to office blocks and stadiums, the Aztec Solar Energy team help businesses and organisations across the UK to reduce their energy bills, generate their own energy and work more sustainably. Here are just a handful of the sectors our experts work in:

Solar panels for farming

We’re reducing the cost of farming, by providing farmers with solutions that cut their energy usage, lower their energy bills and allow them to break free from expensive energy tariffs.

Churches and community centres

Our solar PV systems reduce the cost of heating and lighting in communal buildings and giving local communities the ability to generate their own energy.


We’re supporting schools and colleges and educating the next generation on the benefits of using less energy, losing less energy and planning for a low-carbon future.

Housing Associations

In order to assist housing associations in proactively tackling the challenge of increasing energy costs, we are implementing solar panels, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge. By harnessing the power of solar energy, we aim to provide a sustainable solution that empowers housing associations to mitigate the impact of rising energy prices effectively.

Sport and leisure

From leisure centres and swimming pools to stadiums and training grounds, we’re helping associations and organisations stay one step ahead of rising energy prices with solar panels.

Local authorities using solar PV

At a time when budgets are under sustained pressure, our commercial solar panel systems are empowering local authorities, reducing costs, driving sustainability and providing long-term supply security.


From small start-ups to heavy industry, we’re empowering businesses with systems that reduce their overheads, safeguard their energy supply and deliver a long-term competitive advantage.

New builds

We collaborate with contractors across the UK to rewrite the rulebook on sustainable living and shape the future of eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes.


Our smart, maintenance-free solar PV solutions are
making office blocks more energy-efficient, and helping
eco-conscious companies to minimise their carbon footprint.

Insight. Innovation. Intelligence.

Every sector has its own specific challenges. Our experts take time to understand your business. Then, combine a wealth of energy services sector experience and technical know-how to bring your business the optimum renewable energy solution.