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We’re experts in helping businesses cut their commercial energy costs, generate their own energy and secure a long-term energy supply.

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If you’re looking to bring your energy bills down to size and secure your future energy supply, take a closer look at our commercial solar panel systems.

With over 30 years’ experience in the energy services sector, the Aztec Solar Energy team work with your business to design, finance, install, optimise and help you get maximum benefit from your solar PV system. So, switching over to cleaner, greener working is simple and seamless.

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The team energising sustainable workplaces

From shops and schools to farms and factories, Aztec Solar Energy has helped organisations across a range of sectors to reduce their energy costs and make the move to commercial solar PV. This includes:

How much does a commercial solar PV system cost?

Commercial solar PV systems may at first seem a significant outlay that might put you off, but with grants, funding and business tax relief taken into consideration, plus the annual bill savings, this could mean you get payback on your investment within just a few years.

The cost of your solar PV system will ultimately depend on the specific size, layout, complexity and energy demands of your business premises.

Small80kw176 panels – 3,788.90 ft²£55K
Medium150kw330 panels – 7,104.18 ft²£100K
Large225kw448 panels – 10,505.58 ft²£150K

To help spread the cost, you may be able to access business solar panel grants and funding. Or claim business tax relief on your new system. Our financial experts will be happy to point you in the right direction.

It pays to switch your business to solar PV panels

Why choose Aztec Solar Energy?

Solar panels could save medium to large businesses at least £30,000 a year on their energy bills.

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We know that your organisation is unique. So, to understand your specific energy requirements, we begin with a free consultation. This allows our experts to assess your energy needs, determine the right location and design a one-off system that ticks all the boxes. Our bespoke approach also ensures a better ROI in the long-term. Ready to take back control of your business energy?