Case study

Data Centre, Worcester

Aztec Solar Energy was approached to design and install a 524.63 kWp solar PV installation on the roof of a large data centre based in Worcester. As part of our client’s mission to reduce their carbon footprint from their business operations and boost their energy savings, the natural next step for the business was to invest in sustainable energy. Adding solar to properties can have multiple benefits for landlords, including improving the EPC, increasing the attractiveness to new tenants and potentially increasing property value.

Project Overview

Our client had a keen interest in increasing their sustainability program and reducing their energy outgoings. Like many businesses, the most cost-effective way to do this is through a solar PV system. This project was a huge undertaking, so our dedicated team worked tirelessly to complete the installation and hand it over to our client as quickly and smoothly as possible.

System Details

The objective was to maximise our client’s return of investment and install the most suitable system for their business. We installed 1,399 Longi HI-MO4 all black panels, offering over 22% efficiency in addition to a 25-year product and output warranty. Opting for SolarEdge inverters, we installed four 82.8kW inverters and a 50kW inverter, enabling module level optimisation and management, as well as offering additional fire safety features.


The system is expected to save 123.98 tonnes of carbon per annum which equates to around 5,694 full grown mature trees.

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