Solar power

The untapped potential that might be one of your best investment opportunities.

Whatever drives your interest in solar power, whether it’s greater energy efficiencies or the desire to cut energy bills, solar power will enable you to create a more sustainable workplace. This endless renewable resource with storage capabilities is more affordable and efficient than it has ever been. It’s good for employees, our environment and today a greener reputation is more important than ever. Solar is good for business.

Solar PV

Using solar energy is the greener, most secure and economic alternative.

Battery Storage

Battery storage is more affordable and accessible than it has ever been.

Operations & Maintenance

Efficient and safe installation, with ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Why choose Aztec Solar Energy?

  • Proven expertise in commercial solar PV systems
  • Nationwide scale, bespoke local service
  • Flexible finance options
  • Experts in business funding, incentives, allowances and grants
  • The complete solar PV design, installation and monitoring service
  • 30 years’ of energy service sector knowledge

It pays to switch your business to solar PV panels

Lower electricity bills

Store surplus energy. Use it as you need it

Break free from rising energy costs

Guarantee an excellent ROI with a system that pays for itself

Protect the environment, reduce your carbon footprint

Secure future supply and strengthen your competitive edge