Case study

Flooring Company

As part of their long term ESG strategy and target for 2023, the client committed to installing Solar PV across all larger UK sites. Phase 1 of the project was to install 2.8MW across 12 sites across the UK.

Project Overview

We were appointed as the Principal Contractor and Designer. The installation was under full CDM regulations with all drawings, RAMS, CPP etc provided.

The project covered a wide geography from Plymouth to Glasgow to Belfast that all had to be completed to a tight schedule. All installations would be taking place on active sites with crane lifts, scaffold and installations to take place without impacting the day-to-day operation.

System Details

We pride ourselves on providing an engineering solution to an engineering problem. As such, equipment selection is an essential part of the process. Safety was a significant focus for the client. As the buildings were a variety of ages and the roofs were a wide range of materials, we deployed Longi’s 540W glass-glass panels.

A glass-glass module has better heat dissipation, less heat development means higher yield. The glass at the front is thinner than the glass front sheet of a standard glass-film module, increasing both the transmission of the glass and the yield. Glass also has significantly better fire behaviour and provides better protection from humidity, ammonia and salt-spray.

When it came to the inverter, we selected SolarEdge to provide market leading safety features with their inverter and optimisers solutions. These include safe DC, arc detection and interruption, and firefighter gateways. All inverters were integrated into the main fire alarm system and also had a manual stop button installed.


The systems across all sites are expected to save circa £744k per annum with an average payback period of 3 years.

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